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HOL Gryffindor House

HOL started in 2001 and will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary this coming 2011. In honor of this momentous occasion, we here at Gryffindor house would like to invite you to look at our past history during the past 10 years. There have been victories and some losses. But what we can all say is that this has been a great roller coaster of fun and growth. Growth in HOL and growth in real life. 

For the few remaining oldies, we have saw this progression from what Hogwarts Online was to what is is now. We can remember the look and layout of the original boards (OMG RAPIDFORUM!!). We can remember the attack of the Licious, Saint Mungos, The Ducky Pond, and a special place called Io.

We have all come here with a common love of Harry Potter Books. But not many of us thought we would actually grow into this online family. That is what we have become, through the good times and bad, we have become family. 

With this little online yearbook of past Gryffindor history and personal history, we hope you will enjoy a look back at our memories and what makes us Gryffindor.

Thank you,

The Gryffindors

A Special Thanks ....

We Gryffindor Staff, would like to thank everyone for contributing to this yearbook. It was a massive, tenuous, long hour, hands cramping effort. You all did a great job. Thank you.

We specifically like to thank Rowan Dream for volunteering to lock herself in the yearbook room until she got everything up on the website. She took on more than expected and did a FABULOUS job. You rock, my little crazy lion cub. You may now go shower because you smell REALLY BAD! <3 Also I like to thank a non-lion for actually helping us out. Her name is Arnora Eleniel. She is our little cubby in hiding and she helped out much in graphics. You can see her lovely award in the Superlatives section :)

On a more special note, we thank all those that gave us 10 years of memories (Lions and non Lions) & continue to give us so much more. 

We know it says Weebly down there but Professor Bynny did a lot on this site so there for a special thanks to her too, she is just to modest to stick it here herself. Also thanks to all who participated into yearbook to make it possible *hugs for all*